How to Remove

"Action is unpredictable and irreversible. Against these two frailties, humans have found two solutions: promising and forgiveness"

Hannah Arendt (Human Condition)

Il Consigliere (on transgression)

by yiannis isidorou 2008

The goal of wandering is not to divide the city in an “inside” and an “outside” but to create or invent inside and outside as two positions equal and interchangeable.

The city is destroyed by the internal action of the human being and ultimately the purpose of the internal transgression is the destruction of the City as a control mechanism..

If the citizen does not turn this mechanism away and does not cancel it within him, then the city will be a ghost who will pursue him, will constantly nail him in the corner, will create him as it’s victim.

The internal transgression creates the human being as a sacrificer of the city and not its victim.

This relationship between victim and sacrificer is essential in order to understand life in the city.

And the the important thing is the human/citizen to realize that ultimately he is nothing but a victim of the city’s mechanisms unless he raises his transgressive side and cancel the control mechanisms of the city through his internal wandering and match more through the wandering in the city in a certain mood which will abolish the goal, the purpose and thus bring forth the human being as a purposless being.

This is the essence of the true anarchism of the human being.

Stefanos Rozanis as "Il Consigliere"

from V.O.D series [2008 2min.52sec. miniDV]

this one from "videos of disquiet" series
a video project by Yiannis Isidorou

[choreography Maria Koliopoulou
performance Nikoletta Karmiri]

Photography :: montage :: sound design Yiannis Isidorou

motion studies [2007 3min.27sec miniDV]

choreography and performance by Maria Koliopoulou

Photography :: montage :: sound design Yiannis Isidorou

rough cut/ xtrakt [a vj set presented at dr. Sorovits lab /nov 2006]

A series of random images, fragments of a “work in progress”, where the key role is played out by the serendipity of succession and the simultaneous selection of music. The music to be selected live, originates from different "areas" and "trends" that appear in the 20th century and have as their common component, the experimental attitude, the upbringing of the accidental, the improvisation, the playful mood and the obvious mingling and exchange of elements from other art forms.

PlayList : Magik Markers/Thurston Moore/Dead Machines/Harry Partch/Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice/Pauline Oliveros /Karlheinz Stochausen etc.

Photography :: montage :: sound design Yiannis Isidorou

cravanism -on frozen border- [2006 2min11sec miniDV]

Arthur Cravan, poet and boxer, lived through manifests, announcements and drunken blows, that missed their target. Just like modernism, of which he later became a ‘legendary representative’, Cravan was put on the map of art’s history, with his disappearance. I hope that the ‘stolen frames’ of this short video piece will be effective someday. I will state it in French, as it has been said by someone who knew more: " D'autres préfèrent le monologue intérieur. Moi non. J'aime mieux battre. "

few things I know about them [2005 2min.57sec. miniDV]

"Now" was defended once with enthusiasm as the sole reality within time. The reasonless incertitude was set then in this reasonless certainty. The dialogue fired up. “Few Things I Know About Them” is a wretched, negligible, yet an effectively annoying bug, that skilfully burrows in the interlocutors’ nostrils causing the most farcical sneezes. Apart from the overestimated Now, there is also the full of treasures Past, as well as the bitter, inevitable prescribed Future.

Photography :: montage :: sound design Yiannis Isidorou